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// Copyright 2009 Martin C. Frith

// This class calculates a Position-Specific-Scoring-Matrix from
// sequence quality scores.  The "init" routine creates some lookup
// tables, so that "makePssm" is fast.


#include <cstddef>  // size_t

namespace cbrc{

class QualityScoreCalculator{
  typedef unsigned char uchar;
  enum { MAT = 64 };

  void init( const int scoreMatrix[MAT][MAT],
           unsigned alphabetSize,
           double temperature,
           bool isCaseSensitiveMatrix,
           bool isMatchMismatchMatrix,
           int matchScore,
           int mismatchScore,  // score not cost!
           const uchar* toUppercaseCode,
           bool isPhred,  // phred scores or solexa scores?
           int asciiOffset );  // how are the quality scores encoded?

  void makePssm( int pssm[][MAT],
             const uchar* qualityScores,
             const uchar* sequence,
             std::size_t seqSize,
             bool isSingleQualities ) const;  // one Q score per position?

  const int (*scoreMatrix)[MAT];
  unsigned alphabetSize;
  double temperature;
  bool isCaseSensitiveMatrix;
  bool isMatchMismatchMatrix;
  int matchScore;
  int mismatchScore;
  const uchar* toUppercaseCode;

  double qualityToProbCorrect[256];
  double qualityToProbOther[256];
  int qualityToMatchScore[256];
  int qualityToMismatchScore[256];
  double likelihoodRatioMatrix[MAT][MAT];
  bool isUniformRow[MAT];
  uchar toLowercaseCode[256];

  int probCorrectToMatchScore( double probCorrect );



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